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Stages Of Building

Finding the right home plan is only the beginning! There are many stages in building a house. Here is a step-by-step description. Some of these steps may be progressing simultaneously:

» Home plans purchased and approved by council
» Building permits issued
» Ground preparation: site clearing, stump removal and simple grading
» Well installation (if necessary) or tie-in to water system
» Septic field installation (if necessary) or tie-in to sewage system
» Basement excavation (if necessary) or footings poured
» Temporary utilities established
» Basement floor and foundation walls or monolithic slab poured
» Framing, sheathing and roofing takes place
» Plumbers rough-in pipes
» Electricians begin wiring
» Insulation installed
» Exterior finished
» Drywall installed
» Trim, subfloors, hardwood floors and cabinetry installed
» Electrical finish work- ceiling fixtures, switch plates, etc
» Interior design- paint, wallpaper, carpet

Client Checklist – Before I start to build
• For any residential project over the value of $12,000.00 a Home Owners Warranty Insurance is required
• In addition to building costs please be aware that there will be costs associated with Occupational Health and Safety requirements, labor costs, materials costs and the GST.
• Most building works need council approval before work can start, so ensure that you have checked with your local council, you do not want to incur any fines or have your work stopped.
• Drawings will also need council approval.
• We recommend having an architect design and draw the required scopes of works to be completed, as they will ensure that your vision and requirements are adhered to and that your house truly is your home.
• An architect is not and will not complete building works. Builders nor are estimators. Likewise we are your builder cannot be relied upon to complete Architectural or designer work we can however recommend an architect to suit your needs.
• In addition to an architect you will generally need to consult an Engineer and Surveyor for large building works.
• Most Council take a long time to approve works so commence this process as soon as possible to ensure that your works can get underway as soon as approval is obtained (this varies between councils).
• Good drawings and documentation at the commencement of your building process will ensure that further costs are not incurred once the project is underway.
• Building work is messy, dusty and normally noisy, so please ensure that you have made concessions for this (especially if you have children or pets).
• Some neighbors may complain about the noise or work.
• Your garden immediately around any area of works is likely to be damaged or destroyed
• Unforeseen problems or latent conditions with alterations and additions that would not of been allowed for will incur cost and may delay the completion of works
• Rain, wind or extreme weather conditions will affect the project completion date.
• Any little extra bits of work you request to be done during the project can add up to a lot of money at the end of the project.
• With meetings, site inspections and selection of Prime Cost Items, building work does take up a lot of your time.
• Being made of natural resources building products are susceptible to movements and minor defects, if you are unsure please contact us.
• When determining the products and finishes you want to use, think about whether the finishes you chose today will still be what you desire in the future and the costs you wish to spend on making your house a home
• ALLWOOD BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS will endeavor to make the building process a pleasurable experience with an end result that innovates through development and makes your house a home